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Toward thriving and equitable Pastoral Relationships

We want all ministers to thrive. We want Communities of Faith and pastoral relationships to thrive.

By engaging in this project you can help the United Church of Canada do better in supporting Equity-seeking Ministry Personnel and their Communities of Faith.

Equity-seeking, in this context, is a term used for people who are:

  • Indigenous

  • racialized

  • Deaf

  • those who speak English as an additional language

  • disabled

  • Two-Spirit


  • Francophone, or

  • female

The study will be done through a combination of on-line surveys, focus groups and one-on-one conversations.  


This qualitative research project seeks to find patterns, common stories and wisdom in order to know how better to support Ministry Personnel and Communities of Faith.


We seek this wisdom from those with experience — Equity-seeking Ministry Personnel and the Communities of Faith in which they serve.

United Church of Canada
L’Église Unie du Canada​

This research project is co-led by Marcie Gibson and Kimiko Karpoff. They are working closely with the United Church of Canada's Anti-racism and Equity Office and the Office of Vocation.


Have questions about this project? Contact Adele Halliday at equity@united-church.ca or 416-231-7680 x 2756,
1-800-268-3781 x 2756

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