Ministry Personnel*

for Ministry Personnel who identify as Indigenous, racialized, Deaf, those who speak English as an additional language, Fracophone, disabled, Two-Spirit, LGBTQIA+, or female 

An opportunity to share your experiences on your own time, at your own pace. All information is private and confidential.  

Survey closes October 15.

Sondage sur l’équité dans les relations pastorales auprès du personnel ministériel

Pour participer au sondage en français, et partager votre expérience, choisissez ici. 

Toutes les informations sont privées et confidentielles.  C’est sur votre propre temps. Le sondage se termine le 15 Octobre.

Online focus group

Focus groups are completed except by special arrangement. 

An opportunity to share your experiences along with other Ministry Personnel with whom you might identify in some way. Click here to find one. Or contact research team to set up a focus session exclusively for your group. 

Pour participer à une entrevue, en tête-à-têt, envoyez un e-mail à l’équipe de recherche, Kimiko et Marcie, à l’adresse suivante:

An opportunity to speak directly and privately with one of the research team members. Book a time.

Email research team.

Ministry Personnel

* For the purposes of this survey, Ministry Personnel are Diaconal, Ordained, or Designated Lay Ministers and Candidates who are accountable to the Office of Vocation and are members of a Regional Council. This includes retired ministry personnel and those on long term disability. This does not include Lay Licensed Worship Leaders, Congregationally Designated Ministers, and those on Discontinued Service Lists.

Currently on hold
Community of Faith

for members of Boards and M&P Committees

Online survey

Online focus group

An opportunity for a group of leaders from your Community of Faith to share your experiences with the researchers in a focus group style format. Send email with interest.

United Church of Canada
L’Église Unie du Canada​

This is a project of the United Church of Canada's Anti-racism and Equity Office and the Office of Vocation


Have concerns about this project? Contact project staff person Adele Halliday at or 416-231-7680 x 2756, 1-800-268-3781 x 2756